Steam turbines have many advantages in operation. Firstly, they have a high unit capacity and wide range of capacities. Secondly, they have free choice of heat conductors and can work using gaseous, liquid, and solid fuel. And, thirdly, they have an impressive resource. 

The whole modern power supply system is centralized. In power plants, a steam turbine with a generator is most often used to generate electricity. It also is the main type of motors at the thermal and nuclear power plants in Yekaterinburg. Also, steam turbines are used on many ships of the military and civilian fleet. 

Steam turbines have a broad classification. They can be broken up into the following types: by the direction of the steam flow, by the principle of steam effect, by the number of cylinders (housings), by the nature of the thermal process, by the principle of steam distribution, by the number of hours of use per year, by the application in industry, by the number of stages, by the parameters of fresh steam. 

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