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Proposition of cooperation

If boilers, furnaces are installed at your enterprises, steam is used, or you planning new construction, modernization, reconstruction of a boiler room, TPP, then our company offers you to familiarize yourself with an interesting line of inexpensive modular steam turbines (turbogenerators) or turbo-drives under the PARSONS brand of capacity from 50 kW to 35 MW, which are used as drives not only for compressors, pumps, presses and other drive equipment, but also for generators (generation of own electricity).

The main differences from the classic multi-stage turbines are:

In addition, our company provides a selection of equipment for mini-TPPs (power boilers, steam turbines, auxiliary equipment) for your parameters, design, delivery and installation.

In case of interest, our specialists are ready for cooperation and will be happy to answer all your questions. We can also calculate the economics (feasibility study) of the use of this equipment at your enterprise, make a presentation, show already installed “PARSONS” turbines at operating facilities.